Junior High Comprehensive Sexuality Education Curriculum

With support from community members, educators, and youth, WHC has assembled, adapted and created a comprehensive sexuality curriculum for the junior high years in both English and French. We would like to credit Beyond the Basics: A Resource for Educators on Sexuality and Sexual Health, Our Whole Lives Curriculum, and Teen Talk, Sexuality Education Resource Centre (SERC). Sexuality education goes beyond anatomy and includes discussions about gender, readiness, consent, media literacy, healthy relationships and more. The comprehensive sexuality education outline includes lesson plans and curriculum connections for 13 topics.

We recognize the need for more health resources for high school educators. To aid in your ability to provide this education, there will be outlines to structure your lessons coming soon on the teentalk.ca site. There is a larger catalogue of activities and tools for educators and service providers which can be found at teentalk.ca. To book a workshop, please see serc.mb.ca.

Kahoot Quizzes – Comprehensive Sex Education