Dragonfly teachings offered by Indigenous Elder and Director of Leadership Louise McKay

We acknowledge the historical and ongoing colonization of this land. Colonization has and continues to impact Indigenous people’s experiences of pregnancy and infant loss, including apprehension. As a program, we aim to offer services rooted in anti-oppression, and to work in a way that actively challenges colonialism. Our program is guided by Indigenous Elder and Director of Leadership Louise McKay, and by community consultation. If you would like to be involved, we would love to hear from you. This invitation is open to those who have been affected by pregnancy or infant loss, or those that provide services relating to pregnancy and infant loss.

“The dragonfly is born on the water as a bug (a nymph) and lives the first part of its life under water. As the nymph matures it begins to look up longingly through the water and the sky above. Somehow it knows that its time has come to give in to the urge to climb up the lily pad stalk. Once the nymph climbs up, emerges from the water and learns to breathe air, it can never return to live in the water. Almost immediately their body will release two beautiful pairs of wings which will allow it to fly. Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization.” 

- Elder Wa Wa Tei Ikwe (Northern Lights Woman)

Like the dragonfly, when we experience change or grief, a transformation happens. We don’t simply “get over” grief; we build around our grief. We build a bridge between who we were before and after by working through and acknowledging what has happened, building connections and support.