Image of Sam and Aveeve, co-chairs of the Peach Campaign. They are both smiling into the camera.

Would you be a PEACH?

Women’s Health Clinic Circle of Support

Being as healthy as possible is essential to living our best lives. To do that, you must to be able to access health care services you need, when and where you need them. 

Yet, thousands of people in our community still face significant barriers to accessing the reproductive, sexual, mental and primary health care they need. Sometimes it’s just because of who they are or where they live. 

That’s just wrong. But, YOU can make it right. 

You can ensure everyone has the choice, agency and information they need to make healthcare decisions that are right for them. 

You can empower care by being a PEACH.

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“Healthcare is a fundamental right, and in our society, no one should be denied this essential service. As parents of two young girls, we are fiercely committed to ensuring that they, along with countless others, benefit from top-tier, feministinformed, pro-choice women’s healthcare. Our personal experiences have illuminated the transformative power of the Women’s Health Clinic on both mental and physical well-being. A consistent stream of donations empowers WHC to focus on their mission, making significant daily impacts on lives. By joining us in this endeavour, you’re not just contributing; you’re championing a brighter, healthier future for all.” 

Sam and Aveeve McLaughlin, PEACH Co-Chairs


As a Peach, you and other caring people will:

  • Provide more people with free birth control options 
  •  Launch a new healthy aging clinic 
  • Develop in-community, rural health clinics 
  • Provide uninsured folks with access to essential care services, including abortions 
  • Increase care to thousands by adding doctors 
  • Create innovative, new health programs to address evolving community needs

Join today, so that tomorrow, more people can access the care they deserve.

For more information: Courtney Maddock 204-947-1517 ext 547