Support for Family and Friends

What can I do to help someone with an eating disorder?

  • Examine your own thoughts and feelings about disordered eating and weight.
  • Encourage them to be assessed by a health care provider with experience in eating disorders. If they are under age 18, insist on it.
  • Understand they may be undecided about seeking treatment and feel afraid to change behaviours.
  • Learn about eating disorders and treatment options, and seek family supports.
  • Consider getting support for yourself.  It is normal to feel a range of emotions like anger, guilt, fear and frustration when someone you care about has an eating disorder.

 Where can I get support?

The Provincial Eating Disorder Prevention and Recovery offers support for family and friends of people ages 16 or older with an eating disorder:

  • Workshops to help you learn more about eating disorders so you can better understand your loved one’s experience. We’ll share some general and specific strategies for providing helpful support. Please note: Your friend or family member does not need to be in treatment for you to attend.
  • In-person coaching sessions for families and friends.  This one-hour session provides information about the referral process and available services, education about eating disorders, and guidance about recommended strategies that may help support your loved one.

Please contact our program assistant at 204-947-2422 ext. 137 if you are interested or want more information about these services.

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