Pelvic Health

If you are currently experiencing pelvic pain, please call us at 204-947-1517 for a consultation.

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The following are examples of some of the workshops we have offered in the past:

Pelvic Floor Health in Pregnancy and Postpartum

We will offer information and strategies for building a health pelvic floor during pregnancy and after giving birth. We’ll examine why strength and flexibility in pelvic floor muscles is important. You will learn how to build strength correctly with pelvic floor exercises and myofascial release techniques used in pelvic floor physiotherapy. We will also discuss the effects of posture and eating for wellness.

Persistent Pelvic Pain Group

We will review the medical conditions that cause pelvic pain, how pain works, pelvic floor exercise and myofascial releases. We will share strategies to increase activity and exercise, to improve sex-related pain, eating for wellness, and emotional coping. We will also review techniques for improving pelvic pain from yoga and Pilates.

If you don’t have health coverage (Manitoba or other Canadian province or territory), please bring your passport to your appointment.

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At WHC, we work together with you to in a partnership of respectful, collaborative care.  You do not need a referral from another health care provider to access our services.

For more information about our health services, call our reception staff at 204-947-1517 (Winnipeg) or 1-866-947-1517 (toll-free outside Winnipeg). We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.