Dragonfly Teachings on Loss

Teachings from Elder Louise McKay

Offered by Indigenous Elder and Director of Leadership Louise McKay

Dragonflies are among the Elders of the human world and their teachings come from ancient wisdom as they were some of the first winged insects to evolve over 300 million years ago. Dragonflies are very beautiful, their colors are iridescent and the patterns on their wings are like those of stained glass. They rank among the most beautiful creatures in the world.

The dragonfly is born on the water as a bug and lives the first part of its life under water. As a nymph they are known to not be very nice and are mean to their prey. As the nymph matures it begins to look up longingly through the water and the sky above. Somehow it knows that it’s time has come to give in to the urge to climb up the lily pad stalk, like it has seen many of its predecessor do.

 Once the nymph emerges from the water and learns to breathe air, it can never return to live in the water. Almost immediately their body will release two beautiful pairs of very wet wings which will allow it to fly up, down, sideways, backwards or forward, make 180 degree turns and stop on a dime as it needs to. When its wings are dry the nymph begins to learn how to fly, and once mastered, it takes flight and thus is complete the change into a dragonfly. The transformation of the water bug to dragonfly takes a few days and happens in full view of anyone taking the time to notice. Some will live for only a few weeks while others can live up to a year.

 Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, self realization and teaches you  . . .

  • that when it comes to you it brings you the teaching of showing your true colors – to stop trying to hide who you really are – and that when it comes in a swarm, it brings the same teaching however with an urgency to it; and also

  • that when it comes to you it brings with it the connection to the power of transformation – to the possibility of leaving the old or the dysfunctional behind – that you have it within you to break free of old paradigms and will show you the path to new worlds where you can hear the wisdom of your soul / spirit; and also

  • that it is here to help you release, to live in harmony with yourself, your nature and your spirit – and that like the dragonfly, when the time comes to change, what we change into is already a part of us – we were born with it, it is in us and that once we emerge from change we have turned into someone we were meant to be, we are perfect and we have everything we need to achieve the destiny that is ours; and also

  • that when change comes our way, whether by choice or not, we must be patient with ourselves as like the dragonfly, the whole of us knows what to do to get us to where we are going and that the process of change comes to us all, our task is to take the time to let it happen in a natural way, thereby having it fit us perfectly; and also

  • that our magic is found within and that we need to not forget that we need to walk the path if we want to claim back our connection to the source and that anything is possible – that you have it within you to break free of illusions that are dysfunctional and bring you closer to the meaning of your life – that you should not be fearful of change and to recognize your talents, gifts and abilities; and also

  • that the one who brings the dragonfly teachings has also journeyed through their own transformation therefore they bring the wisdom to lead and to be of assistance to others as they journey through their own process; and most of all

  • that we are unique and not an imprint of someone or anyone else.

Dragonfly artwork by Jackie Traverse