Is there a cost?

What Does an Abortion Cost in Manitoba?

Medication Abortion: No cost. Medication abortions are free at Women’s Health Clinic, Health Sciences Centre and Brandon for people with a valid Manitoba Health Card. At other places in the province, there may be a cost for the medications.

Aspiration Abortion: No cost. Aspiration abortions are covered by Manitoba Health for people with a valid Manitoba Health Card. If you live outside Manitoba, insurance or other health plans may cover the cost.

If you have concerns about coverage, please call us to discuss your options. Please note, if you do not have health coverage and you are paying for your procedure, we only accept credit card or cash (not debit). There is an ATM outside our Portage location.

If you have questions about Manitoba Health coverage, please contact:

Insured Benefits Branch – Manitoba Health

Voice:  204-786-7101
Toll Free:  1-800-392-1207
Fax:  204-783-2171
Deaf Access Line TTY/TDD:  204-774-8618