Considering an Abortion?

Abortion is legal in Canada.  You do not need the permission of a parent or partner to have an abortion.

Only you can make the decision to end or continue your pregnancy. No one else can decide what’s best for you, but a trusted friend, family member, doctor, nurse, or counsellor can discuss all the options open to you and help you sort it out.

If you are pregnant and not sure about your options, our Birth Control & Pregnancy (BCP) Program offers non-judgmental and compassionate information and support about abortion, adoption, and parenting. To make an appointment with a BCP Counsellor, please call 204-947-1517.

Want more information in deciding what’s best for you? Visit our resources page for decision making tools and websites that may help.

Use the sidebar menu to learn more about abortion services at Women’s Health Clinic. To book an appointment for an abortion at WHC call our intake line at 204-477-1887 or toll-free at 1-866-947-1517.

Health Sciences Centre Women’s Hospital also provides pregnancy options counselling and abortion referral services for those choosing pregnancy termination. For more information, please call 204-787-1980.

To book an abortion in Brandon, call the Public Health Sexual Health Intake line at 204-578-2513.

An important note about abortion support:

If you are looking for support before or after an abortion, please be aware that not all counsellors have an unbiased and balanced view. If a counsellor views abortion only in certain ways, you might feel judged, misunderstood, or receive inaccurate information. We don’t want this to happen to you!

Women’s Health Clinic is pro-choice. If an organization or counsellor does not use the word pro-choice to describe themselves, it is best to assume they are not. Some deliberately hide their bias against abortion – they know people won’t use their services if  they speak out against reproductive choice. Those who are pro-choice will always say it.

Pro-choice counsellors provide people with unbiased information and counselling services about abortion. They understand abortion is a common experience and that people have a wide variety of thoughts and feelings about it – sometimes negative, sometimes positive, sometimes both. If you are looking for counselling about abortion, it’s a good idea to ask the counsellor about their views before you meet them.