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This election, will your voice be heard?

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Women and girls make up over 50% of Canada’s population. The issues of equality and social justice issues that affect them are concerns for every community in our country. Yet the voices of the 40% of eligible female voters who didn’t vote in 2011 went unheard.

It’s time for all Canadians to ask our federal leaders what they will do to ensure that the rights and well-being of women and girls are not forgotten.

With little advancement in economic equality and an increase in racialized and sexualized violence against women and girls. it’s now more important than ever to call upon our leaders to:

  • include the rights of Canada’s women and girls on the political agenda
  • listen to our voices
  • discuss the multi-faceted social justice issues facing them today
  • take meaningful action to improve our lives now and for the future

In 2014, the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report ranked Canada in 27th place on wage equality. We think Canada can, and should, do better.

For women who chose to parent, universal access to quality, affordable childcare is essential if women with children are to achieve economic equality; yet only about 20% of Canadian children under 12 have access to regulated childcare.

Affordable access to childcare is critical in closing the gap.

Ask your candidate:
How will you address inequality in women’s income and employment, especially for marginalized women. What action will you take to provide families with access to affordable childcare?


We all have a fundamental right to access safe and timely healthcare, including reproductive health and abortion care.

We need to make informed choices and have options accessible. Many Canadian women don’t have access to timely abortion services, including women from rural and remote communities in Manitoba. We need to have accurate and unbiased sexual and reproductive health information and services accessible regardless of location.

Ask your candidate:
“What will you do to ensure that no matter where they live, all women in Canada can access sexual and reproductive health information and services, including abortion care?”


The longstanding unresolved problem of missing and murdered Indigenous women is increasingly a national concern. The families of Indigenous women and girls lost to violence, together with their communities and allies, continue to press the federal government for real action to stop the violence.

Ask your candidate:
How will you support a comprehensive action plan to address the root causes of violence against Indigenous women and girls? How will you ensure their voices are heard?


Waiting over 30 years for a federal leadership public discussion of these and other critical matters of women’s rights is too long. We have much ground to make up before we can begin to see real gender equality in Canada.

Let our leaders know what we already know… what is good for Canadian women is good for all Canadians.


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