Safer Space Event Guidelines

This Safer Space Guidelines is intended to make this event a supportive, non-threatening environment for attendees. Please:

  1. Respect peoples physical and emotional boundaries.
  2. Respect everyone’s identity and background, including pronouns and names. Do not assume anyone’s gender identity, sexual preference, survivor status, economic status, background, health, etc.
  3. Be aware that raising your voice or other aggressive body language may be understood as abusive behaviour by others.
  4. Respect people’s differing opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints.
  5. Be responsible for your own actions. Be aware that your actions do have an affect on others regardless what your intentions may be.
  6. Identify what makes a safer space for you.
  7. Honour that safety looks different for everyone.If you experience harassment, abuse, assault or any other kind of violation while at the event, or if someone who has engaged in such behaviour is adversely affecting your participation, or for any other reason you may need support, please come to a volunteer. We will have a person that will be able to address these issues and provide you with information for resources if you need them.

    We are asking those who have perpetrated sexual or physical violence (including threats and harassment) to not attend this event, or to amend their behaviours at this event at the discretion of those harmed. We are survivor-centric, which means the survivor’s rights will be always prioritized.

    Women’s Health Clinic staff and volunteers are empowered to enforce these rules. If you cannot abide by the guidelines above, we reserve the right to ask you to leave. If you are asked to leave in accordance with these guidelines, please do so immediately. If you wish to discuss the reason for the decision, an appointment can be made afterward.

If you have any feedback regarding our Safer Space Event Guidelines, please contact:
204 947 2422 ext. 147

For a downloadable pdf click here.

Language for the WHC’s Safer Space Guidelines have been developed/utilized from the following online resources: