Celebrate Choice Installation


Kal Barteski – Artist Statement

Our lives are filled with choices – in every minute. Choice creates our life stories – it makes us who we are. Choice, as it relates to women’s health is a fabric of hard-fought battles, of heartbreak, of history, and of inspiring warriors. It is my intention to celebrate women’s choice in so they are recognized as transformation life forces – so that women we their own beauty, power, and value.

My goal with this installation of script work was to create a visual experience that would speak silently, but overwhelmingly. I used brush script letting in only black & white on paper not made from trees. I wanted to create a LARGE work of art from many small papers and ideas. IT was my goal to access emotion and life experience through simple words and repetition. Words create mental imagery and draw memories that are different for each of us. It is a powerful tool. These words (related to CHOICE) create a unique and emotional experience that is profoundly personal. I wish to pay tribute to the stories and journeys we all have taken and the community and support we, as women, must find and cherish in each other.

The paper for this project was generously donated by STEP FORWARD PAPER. It is created locally with wheat bi-products. Choosing products that are better for our environment is also a choice.

KAL BARTESKI is an artist and brush script painter. Sometimes called an illustrator or a poet, she’s a creative rogue. She cares deeply about the world. She is a TEDx speaker, a published author and winner of a Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She was featured on Animal Planet/Discovery. She is curiously entertaining and inspiring. Always a work in progress, she has a deep, hard-to-understand love for polar bears – for all living creatures. She sells her paintings internationally and uses her signature brush script style to make magic with beautiful companies all over the globe.