Value Statements

Board of Directors Statement on Black Lives Matter

The board of directors of Women’s Health Clinic stands in solidarity with the Black community in their grief and outrage at the senseless loss of life and the ongoing injustice of systemic racism and white supremacy.

It is all too clear that we live in a society that does not treat all lives equally, and we must shine a light on the ways in which those racist structures have withheld equal access to the Black community and all those marginalized by white supremacy, including access to reproductive justice. It is on the people most benefiting from the fruits of those racist structures and systems to use their privilege to support and uplift those calling for a more equitable society. It is also on us as an organization to centre the narratives and experiences of Black community members in our work to challenge racism, and to do so on their terms – not ours.

Women’s Health Clinic has not lived up to the values of intersectionality we profess and has not properly done the work of shining that light upon ourselves. In order to be truly intersectional, we must move forward to root our work in justice and anti-racism and ensure a safe space for Black and Indigenous workers, clients, and other community members of colour at WHC and everywhere.

As a board our commitment over next year will be to actively redress the harms caused by the pervasiveness of white feminism and white supremacy within Women’s Health Clinic. We will move to amplify Black and Indigenous voices at the Board table as well as throughout the organization. It is our responsibility to challenge and dismantle the structures of white supremacy inside and outside of our organization if we are to truly live up to our value of being anti-racist.

Health at Every Size Value Statement

Women’s Health Clinic is currently revising our Health At Every Size® Value Statement. This will be available in the near future.