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No Diet Day

Read our media release below:
Media Release – No Diet Day

The beginning – #HEARTeveryBODY

The initial #HEARTeveryBODY project was a collaboration between Women’s Health Clinic and local artist Kal Barteski in the summer of 2014. We created a “selfie station” that focused on self love, and encouraged everyone and anyone to come take a picture and share what you love about your body using the hashtag #HEARTeveryBODY.

What started as a small window display, took on a life of its own and was soon being promoted by national businesses on social media (ie. @penningtons) and well-known community members (Jen Zoratti), as well as being featured in many media outlets in Winnipeg. We had close to 200 people participate in this project, and thousands of engagements (from retweets, reposts and shares).

#HEARTeveryBODY was one of our most successful campaigns to date, and now we want to take it further.



bodypeacetoolkit web bodypeacetoolkit web1

Challenge your workplace to become a BODY PEACE ZONE for the week of May 2nd – May 6th!

Women’s Health Clinic is challenging 35 businesses to become “Body Peace Zones” for International No Diet Day on May 6th. By agreeing to become a Body Peace Zone for No Diet Day, you are agree to:


Starting Monday, May 2nd put our poster up in visible high traffic areas (don’t forget staff rooms and areas for the general public).

Place our inspiring quotes on mirrors and our stickers on your front door/window to let everyone know that this is a BODY PEACE ZONE.

Between May 2nd & May 6th use the hashtag #nodietday & tag @WHCwpg and let us know how you are promoting body peace for INTERNATIONAL NO DIET DAY.

Read our blog piece about the negative side to body positivity here.

What is Body Peace?

Body peace is about having respect for all body types, including your own. It means being non-judgmental about food choices and exercise habits. With Body Peace, together we create an environment where people of all size and shapes feel welcome.

Why should I help?

Healthy communities foster healthy individuals. Negative body image impacts mental and physical health in a number of ways, such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders. It benefits everyone when your business/organization is more accepting and accessible to everyone’s bodies, regardless of size.

How can I help?

  • Do not participate in diet/weight loss talk or competitions.
  • Promote International No Diet Day (May 6th)
  • Compliment your colleagues on their skills, achievements and contributions instead of focusing on appearance.
  • Create workspaces and provide chairs that accommodate all body types.
  • Use visuals in your workplace and advertising that shows a diverse range of body types in a positive way.

We will be distributing body peace toolkits that talk about the information above. You can download a web version here. In addition to the above information, these kits contain:

  • Body Peace Poster
    • To display in various areas at your workplace that explain what a body peace zone means, and how employees and visitors can participate. For example, we ask people to not talk about your or others: diets or weight, exercise plans, appearances, and food or eating habits. Instead let’s focus on: enjoying your food, moving your body in fun ways, and respect and acceptance for people of all shapes and sizes.
  • Mirror/Quote Cards
    • These are cards with various empowering quotes on them that you can place on public/staff bathroom mirrors, front of desks, and anywhere you think people should see them!
  • Body Peace Zone Sticker
    • To put on your front door or window and let everyone know you are participating in the Body Peace Zone project.
  • No Diet Day buttons
    • Offer them to employees or guests/clients – and show your body peace 365 days a year!

To become a Body Peace Zone for No Diet Day contact:

Amy Tuckett-McGimpsey
Communications Specialist, Women’s Health Clinic
204947-2422 ext. 147

Organizations/Businesses that have pledged to be BODY PEACE ZONES for #nodietday!

  1. Be Yoga
  2. The Birth Centre
  3. Bockstael Construction
  4. Boundary Trails Health Centre
  5. Canteenwala Chiropractic
  6. Carman Memorial Hospital
  7. Clay Oven – Hydro
  8. Dakota Community Centre
  9. Downtown Biz
  10. FWS Group of Companies
  11. Gladstone Health Centre
  12. Glibert Park Going Places
  13. Klinic Community Health
  14. Little Sister Coffee Maker
  15. Main Street Project
  16. Manitoba Theatre for Young People Theatre School
  17. Marion Street Eatery
  18. Massage Therapy College of Manitoba
  19. Moksha Yoga – Donald
  20. Momenta
  21. Nine Circles Community Health Centre
  22. NorWest Co-op Community Health
  23. NorWest Community Food Centre
  24. Norwest Youth Hub
  25. Parlour Coffee
  26. Rehabilitation Centre for Children
  27. Revolution Wellness
  28. Sarasvàti Productions
  29. SERC (Sexuality Education Resource Centre)
  30. Serene Yoga
  31. Source Yoga Studios
  32. Southern Health
  33. St. Amant
  34. Teri Hofford Photography
  35. Thom Bargen Coffee and Tea
  36. United Way of Winnipeg
  37. Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
  38. WRHA Community Workers
  39. WRHA Long Term Care
  40. Yoga Connections
  41. Yoga Public


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